Concrete Statuary
Harper's showcases a huge variety of cast-stone statuary for creating beautiful outdoor environments. Come see why Harper's is the first name and last word in beautiful gardens.

Pet Memorial Stones
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens Let Harper's Statuary & Water Gardens help you... Remember Your Pet. Pets are an important part of our lives. A loyal dog, a friendly cat, a special goldfish or turtle: what animal has touched your life? Saying goodbye to a pet is difficult no matter what the circumstances. But you can honor your pet with an all-weather cast stone marker in their memory. All stones are available unpainted or can be painted in more than a dozen different finishes.  Get personalized lettering ($5.50 per letter). To place your memorial stone order, contact Harper's Statuary & Water Gardens.

Concrete Steps
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens High quality precast concrete steps for residential homes, commercial and industrial facilities. Century steps are manufactured from light weight concrete making handling, delivery, and installation of your step safe, and easy. Utilizing lifting slings or fork adaptors the steps are easily loaded into pickup trucks or trailers. Using step handling bars or a step handling dolly customers can easily pickup, and install their durable, lightweight step.

The step riser height and tread depth meet residential building codes to insure maximum safety and convenience to all user groups. To enhance the step, ready-to-install aluminum handrails are available for every style of step (Click the image to view available sizes). The handrails are one piece, all welded construction allowing them to be installed by one person in minutes. These attractive and safe handrails meet most building codes, military and insurance company specifications.

These steps are portable, manufactured of high strength, lightweight, steel reinforced concrete for durability and convenient installation. The one-piece construction of the step requires no assembling, no form-work, no labor for installation. Once the concrete step is installed maintenance is nonexistent for decades. These steps are ideal in tropical and sub-tropical zones. Fungi, insects, heat, humidity, excessive precipitation or decay will not affect their permanence, performance or safety. The steps are manufactured using special concrete admixtures which make them very durable in areas that have frequent freeze/thaw cycles.
Do not use salts or deicers on steps. Use a penetrating sealer for protection once a year.

Harper's Seconds & Closeout Items
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens Our store features a 'manufacturing seconds' section where you can find huge discounts on blemished statuary and various gift ware with minor damage. At times we have entire multi-tier fountains at more than half the regular sale price! We also occasionally include our closeout statuary items here at great discounts. So come check out our seconds and closeout section to see what great deals we have to offer on wonderful concrete statuary!

Military Statues & Benches
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens Check out our seletion of Military, Police and Fire/Rescue statues and benches!