Planting & Maintaining Marginal Plants
  1. Select potting container.
  2. Fill the container 1/2 full of soil.
  3. Push in fertilizer tablets according to directions.
  4. Plant bog plant in the center of the pot.
  5. Cover roots with soil and tamp down.
  6. Cover soil with 1/2 in. pea gravel.
  7. Saturate soil with water.
  8. Lower potted lily into pool to a depth of 18-24 in. of water over soil surface. If the lily has few or no leaves, place it in 6-8 in. of water for the first few weeks to encourage plant growth.
  9. Place in pond at correct water depth (adjusting depth of pot as needed.) Most marginals do best in 1/2 - 3 inches of water over the top edge of the pot.
Spring/Summer Maintenance:
  1. Fertilize according to directions during growing season.
  2. Remove dead leaves and spent flowers.
  3. Divide and repot every 1-2 years.
Fall/Winter Maintenance:
  1. Stop fertilizing.
  2. After frost, cut back dead leaves and stems.
  3. Leave hardy marginals in place in the pond (unless it's borderline not being winter hardy to your area, in which case put it deeper). If plants are in an above ground pond/tub, remove them and place near a window in a cellar or garage. Keep cool and moist until spring.
  4. Treat tropical marginals as annuals or bring them in before frost. Many tropical marginals make excellent houseplants.