Water Garden Center

Water... it's a basic life element and basic need. A garden is not complete without water and we have the ways to add it. Harper's Water Garden Center is one of the largest on the east coast and has been featured in national magazines. We currently have over fifty water gardens, fountains and other water features set up on site.

Our beautiful water garden display area will relax and intrigue you as you stroll shady paths past splashing waterfalls, fountains and ornamental ponds. From formal to whimsical, elaborate to simple, find refreshing ideas for your own water garden, learn how to construct professional-looking ponds and waterfalls, or just enjoy and relax to the sound of running water.

Our Water Garden Center has an extensive line of water gardening supplies for the smallest of fountains to the largest of ponds - everything you'll need from the first piece of underlayment to the last finishing touch.  Harper's can also assist you with lake and farm pond management.

Pond Construction Materials
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens We stock our shelves with a wide variety of Pond Contruction materials to give you the best selection for any landscape design.
We stock the following product lines:

Water Garden Maintenance Products
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens We stock and have access to the full product lines from Crystal Clear, Ecological Labs, Tetra and more!   

We stock the following product lines:

Fish & Plants
Harpers Statuary & Water Gardens We have Butterfly Koi, Comets, Sarasa Comets and Shubunkin Goldfish

Water Gardening Information
Why Is My Water Green?

When a customer comes in with green water, there are many things that could be contributing to the problem. Oftentimes our staff will ask what seems like a thousand questions (read more..)
Water Garden Terminology

Water Garden Terminology, What is it and what's it for?   Aeration- An aerator increases your dissolved oxygen levels. Bacteria requires plenty of oxygen to colonies. The higher the dissolved oxygen levels in (read more..)
Pond Vacuum Rental

2 Days for $50.00 Vacuum is due on the second day of rental by closing time. Late penalty is an additional $25.00 for every two days late. Vacuum must be returned clean (read more..)
Commonly Asked Pond Questions

1. How large should my pond be? The best advice is to build the largest pond that you can afford. Most people that install a small pond are always wishing it (read more..)
Basic Pond Planning Information

Liner Length of Pond + (Depth x 2) + 2 = Length of Liner     Ex: 10' + 4' (average depth x 2) + 2 = 16 feet long Width of Pond + (Depth (read more..)
Planning Your Pond: Basic Pond Layout

1. Underlayment A non-woven, needle punched underlayment forms a soft padding for the liner. Unlike sand, it completely covers the vertical areas of the pond shelves. Unlike carpet padding, it allows gases to (read more..)
Basic Waterfall/Stream Construction

This side view sketch of a waterfall is a basic design that most waterfalls are based upon. There is generally a header pool that overflows at the top of the (read more..)
Pond Installation Estimate Sheet

Use Harper's Pond Installation Estimate Sheet as a check list of things you will need to construct your water gardens, as well as to calculate the investment your will need (read more..)
Spring Clean & Maintenance

Why Clean? Organic build up can cause many problems Leaf debris Dead or dying plants from last year Over abundance of fish Overgrown Plants Decide on cleaning or not Some ponds have elements that create the need (read more..)
Seasonal Pond Care

Spring Clean Pond - Remove unwanted organic matter using a pond vacuum or by hand. Perform several, small partial water changes over a period of 4-6 weeks when the water temperature (read more..)
Pond Water Quality

  When we think of water quality we usually think of two things: the water's ability to support aquatic life and clarity. The pond owner should be concerned with both of (read more..)
Introducing New Fish To Your Pond

Our Water Gardening staff inspects all fish before placing them in our sales tanks. The fish are given a final check before they are sold to ensure the continued health (read more..)
Planting & Maintaining Water Lilies

Shopping List - Potting containers - Aquatic fertilizer tablets - Pea gravel - Aquatic Soil or Heavy topsoil (potting soil will float out of the pot and into the water)   Planting: Select potting container to correspond (read more..)
Planting & Maintaining Marginal Plants

Planting: Select potting container. Fill the container 1/2 full of soil. Push in fertilizer tablets according to directions. Plant bog plant in the center of the pot. Cover roots with soil and tamp down. Cover soil (read more..)